Hilltop is getting a new sandwich shop!

This spot (a few doors down) is soon to be a Euro style breakfast spot

I couldn’t be more excited about this news. I’ve been telling people since we moved here that our main street, MLK Blvd, is ripe for more retail. This is such a ripe area and I am stoked about more development. Now all we need is:

Garden Shop, Bakery, Cafes, fruit stands, food carts and vendors in the winter (think chestnuts and hot dogs out of small carts), a few restaurants, apparel and shoes and yadda, yadda….. I could go on.


I remember when Sixth Ave was just a spot where you could get some of Tacoma’s ubiquitous teriyaki, some funky Winchell’s donuts and hit any number of dive bars that stretched about eight city blocks, all peppered between empty retail buildings. The ave was a pretty lame spot for a number of years. As soon as Starbucks planted their corporate arse smack in the middle of Sixth Ave business picked up and people started to open shops. Say what you will about big business but it really can help an area out when it’s in decline. Hell, I’d welcome a Starbucks here on MLK Blvd. It would do huge things to the area.


So back to how thrilled I am that two brothers are opening a sannie shop on the Hill; I think we should ask them to call it Sandwich Masters and the logo could be two twelve foot subs jousting each other. Who’s with me????


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