Amish for a week or so?

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Today Matt and I were listening to NPR while making breakfast. There is so much chatter devoted to the potential R. candidates that I’m on overload. I’ve found some great comic relief lately that keeps me up at night giggling as I think about the absurdity.

Apparently Mitt Romney made $42 million last year, or was it over two years? Either way that is a serious buttload of cash. I told Matt that we should just become Mormon because they pay their missionaries a helluvalot better. Also, in terms of community the Mormons have it down. They create great community ties and the stay at home moms do a lot of cool crafts! Then I decided that I was no more likely to become Mormon than I was to buy a dozen Persian kittens and live in a dark room with all of them. So I decided if it’s community we want in our religion we should just become Amish. Matt’s reply was, “Babe, you’re about five life choices away from becoming Amish as it is”.

Occasionally he drops a comedy bomb that makes me laugh, I’ll admit. And that one was sort of funny. So as Matt sees it I’m:

1. A technophobe- It’s true. I can email and write drafts but when it comes to applications and all of the ‘things’ this computer can do, I curl up into a ball and begin to rock back and forth while holding my knees to my chest. I’d be ok with paper and pencil for the rest of my life.

2. Committed to simple living- Now, I’m not out there washing clothes in the wash tub but I do enjoy a good line dry from time to time.

3. Committed to slow food-Down with animal hormones and what have you!

4. I like to wear hats- This needs no further defining

5. I enjoy a nice long skirt from time to time (I think he was fishing on this one)

I would say my number five would be more that I don’t really like to have my photo taken. I do think I could do the Amish gig for a while. And if the “fit hits the shan” they are likely going to be the most prepared of all of us.


7 thoughts on “Amish for a week or so?

  1. Found your post on accident…forgive me if I am out of line as I am only replying to this post.

    “Also, in terms of community the Mormons have it down. Who cares if they are at times elitist racists?”

    Bigotry comes in many different varieties. While Mormons have our imperfections and follies, I don’t think this makes us any different than those who don’t share our beliefs. I am sorry you have this image of us.

    I served as a Mormon missionary for two years as a young man and had the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life. This mission was 100% funded by myself and not the church. I sacrificed not only the cost of the mission, but also two years that might have gone to work or school.

    PS. I’ve known many people who swore up and down they would never become a Mormon. Let’s just say this, I will welcome you with open arms, cats and all.

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