Why haven’t I written in a while? I have a few good excuses and a few lame ones. Lack of inspiration? Not really. Lack of material? Not at all! Having little kids in your home and living in an urban setting? Unusual stories and great material abound. Laziness? Perhaps. Busyness? Definitely. Self induced busyness? Absolutely! 


This has been my year of realizing that I keep myself busy with stuff that needs to get done but I’m not at all making time for the things that I actually enjoy doing. Ask anyone….there’s NEVER enough time! Right? If only we had just a few more hours in the day to get done what we really want to do. I’m a firm believer that if we had a few more hours we would all die of heart attacks by 26 and also, we’d still never make time for real living. 


I’ve been reading a lot of Wendell Berry lately and I appreciate his approach to modernity and his commitment to living a slow and enjoyable life. From what I’ve read he doesn’t own a computer and types all of his poetry and manuscripts on an old-school typewriter, when he’s not using a pen a paper. A what? Pen and…what? He doesn’t really email and he’s likely not on friggin’ Facebook. He moved away from NY and left a potentially successful career as a writer to move back to KY and work on his farm with his wife; to work the land and write. Not for everyone, sure, but man! Doesn’t it just sound dreamy? It does to me. 


So I’m realizing that I’ve let myself get busy with so much ‘stuff’ over this past year and it’s left a bit of a hole inside. You’ll always find ways to fill your time but you really have to MAKE time for the things that you  want to do.