About me

I am in the process of raising three amazing children and loving a wonderful, Swiss/Englishman. I have a lot to learn but I write and take photos of our life together. I was working as a missionary for 15 years and now I’m taking time raise my kids, live in a community, and work my garden whenever the sunshine is out.

I believe having children, health, love, faith, education and rest are an all-encompassing journey.  I love to read comments and I try to respond to them all. Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s to THE WHOLE OF LIFE! (La Vie Entiere!)

Tracie Bonjour

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Oh Tracie-This is so fun to read. I can see you thinking it all; I love it. And, I’ll try to come by and read more often-so I can learn from you, so I can stay connected to you and so I can smile and remember you. The children are beautiful and you and Matt look amazing. So happy about baby # 3. Get ready-its’ a blast. Arianna and Hudson look so much like Mark’s side of the family and then there’s HUNTER-he’s a Sheppard for sure. He acts like Trent and looks like Tre’ (with straight hair). Arianna (8) just started violin lessons and loves them. She’s a girl scout, an incredible little artist and becoming such a little lady. Hudson (6) continues to daily make us laugh, stand amazed and pray, pray, pray! He and Hunter (almost 4) are absolutely crazy most days. I try to keep our little lives happy, peaceful and orderly but find myself falling short most days. I do alot of “trusting and obeying” for there truly is no other way!! Being a mommy to these three is a dream; Mark and I have been incredibly blessed. Mark is well. We celebrate 13 years this August and loving him only gets more fun. We still want to be together all the time. God has truly protected us. We’re in Kansas City-when can we see you guys??? Love to Matt. you are welcome here any day-any time. Love you and always will!!

  2. hey! I love that you are expecting another child as well. I m due June 11th as well with our third. Hope you are feeling good through it all =)

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