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I found this site today and if you are wondering about the links between food, the quality of food and how it increases or decreases our overall health, then this is a great resource. I think I’ve come to believe that there is no ONE MIRACLE DIET that will cure all diseases (many cultures have traditional diets that differ from one culture to the next) but I’m very intrigued by the idea of getting back to how we use to do things before life become so amazingly complex. I think there is something profoundly real and healthy in traditional living, even though I’m super grateful for the internet!

This specific article is written by a woman who has suffered many degenerative diseases due to food allergies and her story may resonate with some of you. I thought I would throw it out to see if anyone has comments, suggestions or similar experiences with your own health or your children’s health. It resonated with me and I saw many parallels in my own story.  I have had issues with bad gut flora taking over my system that, at one point, I thought I would never take another mission trip to another country. I had chronic bone and joint pain making it difficult to walk or sleep at night, fatigue, memory loss and severe immune deficiency due to an unhealthy gut; I was sick ALL THE TIME with some sort of flu, cold or seasonal allergies. I’m pretty certain I also had food allergies but wasn’t aware of it. I still battle with sugar and it’s effects on me and I’m sad to say that my teeth need a revival if I am to carry them into my old age. Antibiotics may have been the culprit from the get go but there is a lot I have done to keep my health as high as I can with my diet and what I choose to eat. I’m aware of the food industry and how low the quality of our food has become so as I’ve been eating a more traditional diet I have seen improvements even in things like my children’s teeth. Oliver use to have a yellow/orange film over his poor teeth, like he wasn’t producing enamel, and once I changed his diet and gave him more raw diary his teeth turned white! Now I’m hoping it’s also working for my poor teeth. I’ve also seen him calm a bit more as I give him fat and protein to help his brain grow.

See, I’m planning to live until I’m 80 or so now that I truly believe old age is a gift and not a curse. Again, I’m not certain that there is one specific diet that will do this for all of us but I’m thrilled to see health in the form of personal maintenance and overall enjoyment of living making it’s comeback. Also, check out Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on! I’d like to keep my own teeth in my face as I age and I’d like my bones and muscles to remain strong, keeping me feisty and vivacious; one of those ‘old people’ with a Joie de vivre that makes you hope to live to be as old and enjoyable as they are. Yep, that’s what I want. I want to see great-grandchildren being born and to live through many changing seasons with my own kids and my lovely husband. Take my car and my license away, I’ll take the bus or bike! Put me in glasses and give me a short hair cut with a curly perm! Put me in polyester trousers and comfy walking shoes! Just let me keep my body and my ability to walk briskly around the lake or swim in the ocean. I’d like to live long and prosper! Now if I could just stop adoring fresh brewed coffee so much.

Tell me if you have any thoughts on this article. Positive or critical. I’m curious….

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Natural antibiotics

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a cold I couldn’t shake that eventually turned into a sinus infection. I use to get sinus infections at least once a month before getting my impacted wisdom teeth pulled about 12 years ago. For the most part the only way to get rid of a sinus infection is to go to the doctor and get on antibiotics. I have many issues with antibiotics even though I believe they can be life saving. I was on them every day for about five years for acne (Which, looking back wasn’t even all that bad. But when you’re 13 a pimple means you can’t face your entire middle school class). The 80’s were the antibiotic decade in the same way the 90’s were the Prozac decade.

Needless to say antibiotics messed up my entire system, leaving me with serious amounts of ‘bad’ bacteria that overtook my gut; an issue I still struggle with today. I had to be off of sugar, diary, caffeine and alcohol for nearly a year because of issues with Candida. I’d like to touch on this more for the ladies so I didn’t throw this post onto Facebook. Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the system (ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about) and the symptoms can cause a lot of problems from chronic yeast infections (again, ya’ll know what I mean), severe fatigue, memory loss, constipation, or constant immune system break down: sick all the time! A lot of doctors still don’t believe in Candida so they will likely put you on Dyflucan if you say you struggle with yeast issues.

Well, sugar feeds yeast so when I went off of sugar completely (no fruit, honey, refined sugar…not a grain of it) I actually felt and noticed a difference. Proving that my issue was indeed Candida. If you have a lot of these symptoms you might want to read more on Candida. The first step in getting rid of it is healing up the gut lining (not an easy task). If I were to go into great detail about how to cure Candida it would take many pages on a blog so I’ll just thow up some helps to look at. This has been a huge hurdle for me in finding my healthiest self (a goal I am committed to) because I really love sweets, coffee and having wine with a meal (not so much these days as I’m in the family way). I come across female friends all the time that explain symptoms to me which make me believe they too are struggling with Candida and a lot of it is women in my age range who were also given antibiotics like candy when they were young.

Now onto a suggestion if you are indeed sick and in need of instant recovery but hesitant in taking those little white pills. The good news is that antibiotics can save lives but we don’t need to take them for every infection that comes along. My preferred antibiotic is….wait for it… raw garlic! This is how I learned to get rid of my reoccurring sinus infections years ago and it worked every time. As soon as my mucus turned green or yellow, out came the cloves. What to do if you are also dealing with yeast infections? Garlic! Raw! It can even be inserted. Yep, I just wrote that! Just peel and wrap the clove in some gauze and you know what to do with the rest.

Also, the best time to take garlic is before you go to bed so that your breath is not stinky in the morning. And it won’t be. I swear by it. Just peel a whole clove (not a whole bulb!!!) , chop it like you’re going to cook with it and swallow it with water. Don’t take on an empty stomach or it could burn. This is the most amazing antibiotic there is and it can get rid of tons of infections. Plus, it’s so very inexpensive. PS- I’m not a doctor or a certified natural physician and garlic won’t cure life threatening ailments! Use it for the small stuff and stay out of the doctor’s office. If you have random questions do post them. I will reply.

Here’s to the whole of life!

Further reading on Candida: Remember, baby steps. If you can’t do all of these helps at once, and you likely will get overwhelmed after you read all of this, just cut out junk food to start, or sugar, and see if it makes a difference. Take some garlic at night for a week.  Then on to bigger helps.

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